WELCOME to your online course!

Thank you for being here – I am Sandi Ballard, the BADASS BUSINESS COACH! I help people REALIZE THEIR BADASSNESS so they can do more, be more, ACHIEVE MORE. I’ve been coaching and holding workshops for years to help people start, grow and NOT give-up-on their goals, dreams and businesses.

You're probably asking WHY try to start a business NOW? Well, because now, in this uncertain time, you have TIME! Time to think, research and PLAN! I wish all of my start-up clients came to me with this kind of "quiet" and "time"! And also because when we get to the "other-side", you WILL BE READY! ESPECIALLY if you have a side-gig and due to the COVID19 you're ready to take it FULL TIME!

So, if you have ever wanted to START a business, or perhaps you’ve tried and got stuck or you think it “failed”... you are in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!

This course includes:

  • My 7-Step Checklist
  • Nine Modules
  • Video introductions and overviews for each module
  • My personally created worksheets I use with all of my clients
  • Spreadsheets from my contacts at SCORE®
  • Access to ME, the Coach

You are gaining access to everything I’ve used with ALL of my start up clients in a “DIY” format – Including a complete Business Plan!

This special INTRODUCTORY phase during the "pandemic" includes TWO "live" coaching calls with me [$500 value]

Once you have completed this course, you will have:

  1. A complete business plan
  2. Your business structure set up properly
  3. A plan with goals and action steps
  4. Resources for anything you need!
  5. ACCESS TO ME and A COMMUNITY of other business owners!




and let’s get this party started!

Cheers! Sandi


Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE ONE - The Overview
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE TWO - The Core
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE THREE - The Goals
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE FOUR - The Marketing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE FIVE - The Details
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE SIX - The Strategy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE SEVEN – The Financials
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE EIGHT – The Launch!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE NINE – Beyond The Launch!
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Pricing good through June 30th

While we are emerging (mostly) from the quarantine, you can purchase the course at INTRODUCTORY pricing, it gets you DEEPLY discounted pricing [$400 off!], and you still receive TWO coaching calls to use at any time during the course!

You will receive an email when the course is officially launched.

Get ready as this is going to be FUN!



Business Launch with Coaching

If you're ready to take it to that next level and feel like you need me to help you stay on-track and have a successful launch, sign up now!

We'll set up our weekly (or bi-weekly) calls that best fit your schedule as well as keep you FOCUSED and MOTIVATED!

Payment plan option available.

3 payments of $999/m

Business Launch w/Coaching Payment Plan

Choose this option to have me help you complete the course, launch your business and have a payment plan option.


Paid Course

This course includes your introductory checklist, 9 modules with video overviews for each and a post-module wrap-up. Most modules include additional worksheets to help you as well. I've also included discounted pricing for add-on coaching sessions if you feel you need the additional help getting unstuck, refocused and a little "kick in the ass" as I'm known for!


Add-On Coaching

3 months of coaching

Want to make sure you're staying focused and motivated to get your business launched? Sign up for the personalized coaching for student discounted (50% off) pricing.

You have the option of:

  1. Weekly 30-minute calls
  2. Every-other week calls - 60 minutes
3 payments of $219/m

90 Day Payment Plan

This is a payment plan option.


My name is Dave VanWye and I am the owner of Amazing Hazel’s brand of products.

I would like to highly recommend Sandi Ballard and Growing Forward for her “ kick butt“ attitude and expertise in helping me get my brand off the ground floor.  She kicked my butt... In a way that was positive. She guided me on how to make myself succeed... in spite of my self. 

Thank you Sandi!

Dave VanWye,

Owner Amazing Hazel’s brand

  • Welcome Video
  • Nine Modules
  • Video intros for each module
  • TONS of worksheets
  • A Start-Up Checklist
  • Two Coaching Calls!
  • Add-On coaching for discounted pricing

You will have a COMPLETED business plan and goals when you finish this course!

My contact information is available any time you feel STUCK, FRUSTRATED, ready to GIVE UP or just need that extra boost of guidance and confidence!


After tonight's meeting I am SO FIRED UP and looking forward to the new year, taking action and making it all happen! I'm ready to move beyond the dreaming stage, and make it a reality! Thanks for helping me with the business plan completion and execution.

Thanks Sandi for pushing me!

~Kathy D.