About the instructor

Sandi Ballard, a DiSC® certified business coach, has had a diverse career background, always filled with entrepreneurialism. At 24, she started her first business, V.C. Design & Marketing Studio, which had the tagline, "We May YOU Look Good!". She's always had a passion for motivating people and holding them accountable!

Before starting Growing Forward Success Coaching, she ran multiple businesses simultaneously, each in different industries with unique target markets. Sandi quickly learned creative marketing efforts were going to be the only way to become successful.

She works primarily with business owners to help them START, GROW and most-definitely NOT-GIVE-UP-ON their business, their goals and dreams. As a published author of three books, Sandi travels across the U.S. working with clients, speaking at conferences about leadership and has led numerous team building workshops.

Sandi, lovingly referred to as the “Badass Business Coach”, has travelled across the U.S. speaking to groups and facilitating workshops on networking, strategy and how to it’s NEVER TOO LATE to achieve your goals. She has also published three books, “From There to Here”, “How Badly Do You Want ‘IT’?” and “The Magic Pill”, she also hosts a weekly Monday Motivation podcast named No More Excuses! You can subscribe to it on iTunes or Google Play as well as YouTube, iHeart Radio and Spotify. It’s also available on her website www.BadassBusiness.Coach

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